Is Green Acres The Place to be? Life in a Small Town

The Emmy award-winning comedy Schitt’s Creek, created by Dan Levy, depicted what life is like in a small town for the Rose family. Eighty episodes later, they get their happy ending.
Some leave Schitt’s Creek to move to New York or California, and some stay on in the town. But what was found in each of the characters was the knowledge that when everyone knows who you are in a small town, you’re never alone.

Swan Songs: The Lonely Call of Nature

The songs animals sing tell us something about our own loneliness. In Southeast Asia, people capture wild songbirds to be caged and forced to sing only for humans and for decades, whales were hunted and killed for their oil and meat. But the songs of animals are not meant for us to hear alone. They are sung in order for animals to connect to each other and it’s up to us to decide whether we are ready to hear the song of the lonely.