Doug Adams, Part 1

Raised in the rougher areas of Toronto Canada Doug Adams relied on his music and art, his martial arts and the love of his mother to break free from a pathway leading to jail and instead to travel a rock and roll highway into the halls of fame producing live special effects for the biggest stars in the world. In Part 1 we get insight into his beginnings and how literally playing with fire and bombs would provide his ticket out.

Les Stroud Keynote, Part 2

In this second half of Les Stroud’s epic keynote held at the Bushcraft Symposium in Alberta, Canada, Les was asked to expose once and for all the truth and reality behind the inception of “Survival TV” – a brand new genre of television for which Stroud is credited with creating.

“Desert Dave” Halladay

Consultant on films such as Castaway and TV series such as Survivorman, David Halladay is an unsung hero. Essentially unknown to the general public he is a legend in the world of survival skills. Not content to stick with the more simple subjects of fire starting and flint bladed knife making, David uses every outdoor skill oriented opportunity to fall right back into the world of philosophy and spiritual connectedness to nature.

Laurie Brown

There are those TV journalists that get the story and deliver the interview. And then there are those who are artist in their own right and compel you to follow them because of their work, not necessarily because of the artist they might be interviewing. Enter Laurie Brown. With a smooth demeanor, eloquent style of speech and silky voice her insightful work will always take the listener to places they never knew they always wanted to go. We discover why she does what she does so well.

Mike Clink, Part 1

Celebrated as one of history’s greatest rock producer/engineers, after establishing none other than Guns and Roses by producing their first five albums, Mike shares his life’s history and his seemingly singular obsession with how music is made and recorded. Sitting along side Mike in his backyard in Woodland Hills California the camaraderie styled relationship between Les and Mike is palpable.

Mors Kochanski

Long before Survivorman and the plethora of books available on the subjects of survival, Mors was at the zeitgeist of presenting these skills to the public and to kids in an accessible way through his writings and teachings. Inspired by Huey, Duey and Luey from Disney, Mors set the bar for outdoor skills instruction in this, his last ever interview before passing in Dec 2019.

David Suzuki, Part 1

In a feisty and sometimes angry mood, David Suzuki shares with Les his frustration on getting the public and the politicians to understand what is at stake environmentally. Sitting in David’s backyard alongside the NW Pacific coastline, Les probes David for understanding on how to move forward.

Bruce Cockburn, Part 1

The poet, the singer-songwriter, the philosopher, the artist, Bruce Cockburn is a Canadian legend. Yet he broke past international borders to continue as one of the most respected creators in the world. Les and Bruce sit down at Les’ house and talk songwriting, the impact of Bruce’s music and his spiritual motivation.