Welcome back to the
world's smallest record store.

Backstage at the Vinyl Cafe welcomes listeners into the warm and comforting world of the Vinyl Cafe. Each episode features two stories about Canada’s favourite fictional family: Dave, Morley and the kids, narrated by the late, great Stuart McLean and recorded live in concert.

But that’s not all.

For the first time ever, listen in on hilarious backstories from the popular show. Long-time Vinyl Cafe producer Jess Milton tells all, sharing memories and stories from 15 years touring, travelling, laughing, and recording with her close friend, Stuart.

We hope you’ll join us us Backstage at the Vinyl Cafe.


The Vinyl Cafe is a world that is rooted in kindness, connection, and the laughter of recognition. A world that brings people together to rejoice in our ridiculousness. A world where we celebrate the small triumphs over the adversities of the everyday: like trying to find the perfect gift for someone you love, or the first Christmas without your sister; like trying to stage manage the school Christmas pageant, or trying to defrost a turkey with a hairdryer (we’ve all done that, right?).

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