Rejecting Jonathan Larson (Rent)

When Rent premiered in 1996, it became a runaway smash hit. The venue sold out for months on end. Lines stretched around the block. People pitched tents in order to secure rush tickets. Celebrities were photographed under the marquee. But, what many people didn’t know, was that over the previous 15 years, writer and composer Jonathan Larson faced nothing but rejection.

Rejecting Chrissy Metz

Chrissy Metz is Kate Pearson. No, really. When the script for This Is Us crossed her desk, she couldn’t believe the similarities. Naturally, she was cast and the series became a runaway smash hit – catapulting Metz to stardom and an Emmy nomination. But before landing the role, Metz was an agent in Hollywood watching her clients land part after part while she struggled to make rent.

Rejecting South Park

South Park was named one of Rolling Stone’s greatest TV shows of all time. The animated series earned four Emmys and a cult-following, catapulting its creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone to billionaire status. But rewind 25 years, South Park was rejected.