BONUS: The Canadian Star System Is…

In this special bonus episode, Steve, Diana and our technical producer, Donovan, recap some of the best answers from Season One to the question, ‘The Canadian star system is…’ Guests such as Allanah Harkin, Griffin Cork, Fred Penner, Bruce McCulloch, Terry O’Reilly, Colin Mochrie and Deb McGrath weigh in with what they think the Canadian star system is, should be and could be!

BONUS: Terry O’Reilly

Welcome to the special bonus episode of The Canadian Star System, where our featured guest is none other than author, podcaster, keynote speaker, advertising guru, and *technically,* Steve and Diana’s podcast boss – Terry O’Reilly. If you’re a fan of Terry’s insanely popular CBC Radio show and podcast, Under the Influence, then you’re going to love this bonus episode.