Terry O’Reilly

Through the podcast Under The Influence, host and advertising guru Terry O’Reilly gives you a backstage pass into the intriguing, often insane, baffling and always surprising world of advertising. Sitting outside by a fire with Les Stroud and Terry, we get a rare opportunity to go behind the scenes, with our backstage pass to Terry O’Reilly’s life itself and to what led him into a vast world, filled with unbelievable stories that have affected us all profoundly.

Dave Rosenthal, Part 1

Now going strong into his 28th year as keyboardist and musical director for none other than Billy Joel, Dave Rosenthal is, and will always be, pure musician. There has never been something for Dave to be – to aspire to. He’s a musician, that’s it. But of course that kind of focus combined with no small amount of talent has seen him on stage and in the studios with everyone from Paul McCartney, Steve Miller and Peter Frampton to Cindy Lauper, Steve Vai, Itzhak Perlman and Bruce Springsteen.

George Stroumboulopoulos, Part 2

Les closes out his discussion with media trailblazer and self proclaimed social warrior George Stroumboulopoulos aka Strombo, this time delving into the hard core realities of today’s bubble wrapped millennials who at the same time are tougher than the generations that came before them, when it comes to inclusiveness and treating others with decency and fairness. A cautionary note that this episode contains explicit language.